The team of lecturers has been composed of Principal Investigators and Scientists from leading universities and research institutions.

Dr. B. Chapron | IFREMER - Laboratoire d'Océanographie Spatiale
Dr. P. Cipollini | ESA Climate Office
Dr. F. Collard | OceanDataLab
Dr. G. Corlett | University of Leicester/EUMETSAT
Dr. C. Donlon | ESA
Dr. H. Evers-King | EUMETSAT
Dr. L. Gaultier | OceanDataLab
Dr. A. Hasson | Laboratoire LOCEAN
Prof. J. Johannessen | NERSC
Dr. S. Pardo | PML
Prof. S. Mertikas | Technical University of Crete
Dr. N. Reul | IFREMER - Laboratoire d'Océanographie Spatiale
Dr. M-H. Rio | ESA
Dr. V. Rosmorduc | CLS
Dr. A. Ruescas | Brockmann Consult
Mr. R. Scarrott | MaREI Centre, University College Cork
Prof. A. Shepherd | University of Leeds
Dr. J. Shutler | University of Exeter


Credit: oceandatalab

Image: MPC Sentine-1 portal


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