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Contact Details for Technical University of Crete

If you have any issues related to your stay in Chania during the course please contact:


Prof. Stelios Mertikas                                                   

Tel: +30-2-821-0-37 629 (office), +30-28210-37 633 (Lab)

Fax: +30-2-821-0-37 872 (Lab), +30-2-8210-06901 (secretary)

email :  or


Local Coordinator:

Mr. Achilles Tripolitsiotis

Tel: +30-6973 217 789



Emergency numbers in Chania: 

European Emergency number: 112 from mobile or fixed phones for all emergency services
Police: 100
Tourist police: 28210 73333 in Chania, 28310 53450 & 28310 28156 in Rethymnon
Fire brigade: 199
Ambulance: 166 (it could be a long wait if you are calling them from out of town)
Elpa: 10104 Elpa is the national car breakdown service, if you are a subscriber to a similar service in another country, you might be covered and won't have to pay any charges on presentation of your membership card. If you are not sure, give it a try anyway. Many car rental companies have a contract with either Elpa or another rescue service.


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